War of the Immortals Private Server
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Newly Added
New 3D Font Gameplay Setting Option(Larger text for NPC heading)
New Horoscope Visual on Character Info
New Character Panel UI (New Stats & Affinity Slots)
New True God Leveling System (Button U)
New Upgrade Skill Panel featuring God Level
New God Gears (Requires God Level) Set 1
New Gem Slots & Fortify for Back & Fashion
New Gem (Phy Pen, Mag Pen, Heal Taken, Crit Dmg Rate)
New Gem (Luck Block, Crit Block, HP Percent, MP Percent)
New Divine Stardust(Crafting) & Starwords
New Affinity God Gears Set (Upgradable to LV100 & Fortify +20)
New Affinity (Badge) Gear Upgrade Interface
New Affinity Starwords
New LV150 Skills (Previously known as Skill Acuity Skill)
New Pet Panel UI & Design visual
New PVP Event - Survival Games (Realm 7)
New PVE Event - 12 Constellation Trials (Realm 5)
New PVE Event - 100 God Trials
New BH Event - Tartarus Escape Hunt ( With Legion Chance )
New Yggdrasil Challenge LV91 - LV120 ( Codex Gear Max at LV20 )
New Report Button ( Right-click Player )
New World Bosses ( Check Major Events )
New World Maps ( Power Requirements )
New World Map Indicator for most new world maps
New Gem Chest Crafting ( LV6 ~ LV8 )
New 100% Keystone Blueprint ( Ancient Miracles )
New Divine Potential Skill ( Obtain at LV150 )
New Shield Gear ( With Fort, Starword, Gem Slots )
New Odin Soul Jade Embed Soul

Changes (Fixes)

Cleared up several unnecessary skill status icon from view
Changed certain effect glow from character background
Divine Wrath bug status no longer save
Fixed several in-game description and tips mismatch
Fixed several skills known issues
Fixed FoH issue with Lorelei & Nestrine & FGP counts
Fixed Ench Heroic Goddess Kiss & Mass Dispel issue
Increased most Holylight Soulbead to higher exp capacity
Increased chances to spawn PT Nestrine
Increased legion transport speed
Increased Pet Max slots
Increased Bounty Hunt from 3 to 12 max daily
Merged Legion Skills from 8 to 4
Readjustment Accessories 2,3,4 Set Equip Effect
Removed Oracle Mail Skill
Reworked Ench Eden Chord and Song of Valor to fix interruption
Reworked Several classes skill changes(Check Service Tab)
Reworked Codex Talisman to merge with Codex Imprints

Upcoming (Subject to Changes)

New Gear Fortify +20 with Fortification Bonus
New Pets - Goddess of Night Nott
Race Events
Instance Events
New Divine Class Skills
Increased LV20 Codex Trigger & Imprints upgrade
Relic System (Inactivated atm)
Server Battle (4 Weeks Event)
Pet Skill Removal System
Pet to Focus System
Increased 20 Stardust Slots

Detailed List of Before Skills Changes/Fixes
Changed wrong description for healing effect to heal taken
Spirit Siphon, and so on.
-Ravage LV10 cap limit removed, changed from 28% rip to 10%
-Challenge added back support for player interruption taunt
-Divine Wrath LV10 cap removed
-Vanish changed from attack break effect to only stun breaking
-Heroic Eruption reworked to fix multiple casting, added back buff
-Ensnare added better chances to root players
-Heroic Goddess Kiss &Mass Dispel fixes for buff issues
-Spring Sonata increased range from 2 meter to 15 meter
-Eden Chord and Song of Valor reworked to fix interruption
-Angelic Aura reworked ratio. From 1.2 to 5.2 dmg to 1 mp ratio
-Majestic Shield added a 5% extra Max HP heal on top of capped 520k HP heal

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