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Maintenance Changelog

Changlog : 7/10/19
Newly Added
Added a new world boss Pluton to 300k category
Added a few more items into list of stack pack support.
Added a 28x exchange for mortal ticket.

Changes (Fixes)
Font adjustment to fit certain text properly in interface
Further restriction on Path of God Potion to be only usable on Refresh or Path.
Fixes LV4 Codex Inscription to Yggdrasil where it only gives fire element.
Fixes an issue with a workaround where map longer exist for LV120 yggdrasil.
Fixes buff potions removed in Path to God.
Fixes Eleven Blood being untradable issue.
Fixes further more issue on descriptions mismatch for skills.
Fixes icon issues with new gems showing purple icon.
Fixes new God Gear soul infuse mixed up.
Fixes Yggdrasil Shrouding NPC not showing any option.
Changes 100 trials to auto receive. (Skip quest will consider as an attempt toward 100 counts.)
Changes Tatarus alert from screentext to system notice only
Changes God Energy Max Cap to 250
Changes reward for necronomicon slightly
Increases 100 trials attempts max count according to god level
Increases new 333 Zen Pack return from 5~20 to 15~40
Increases Eleven Blood rate to drop
Removed Flower Gifting effect.
Some adjustment to bosses effect.

Skill Changes
-Reduced Gale Force LV1-5 CD from 100sec to 100~20sec.
-Increased Smiting Flash range from 8 to 12
-Reduced Smiting Flash LV1-5 CD from 60sec to 60~40sec.
-Rescaled Heroic Mind Flay max cap from 18000~25000 to 180000~250000, able to continue stacking.

Only LV1-3 inscription are allowed for combination. LV4 inscription is for embed.
Necronomicon monsters are purely random regardless of difficulty level.

List for Pack Support (Right-click 200 of it to form a pack) :
Crystal Pack, Quartz Pack, Aquamarine Pack, Flawless Crystal Pack, Flawless Quartz Pack, Flawless Aquamarine Pack, Celesoul Crystal Pack, Starsoul Stone Pack.