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Maintenance 21/10/2019

Welcome to WOI Mortal!
Changelog: 21/10/2019
- Please RE-DOWNLOAD the Latest Full Client if you are using client downloaded before 22/09/2019
- Always close the game when updating


Newly Added
Added Few pet skills into marketplace.
Added God Exp & God Energy Pack into Kardanny/Portable shop. (Requires 200x for purchase)
Added Next ascension (Asc.VII) for MOST bosses & pack pets as All-Rounded Stat Olympian for summon.
Added One more 300k comp map with 300k world boss. (New map have a random healing proc)

Changes (Fixes)
Adjustment and correction to Baldr series pet fuse issue.
Adjustment to all pet fuse phy and mag resistance.(Base improved 5% to 10%)
Adjustment to add pet innate fortify skill for baldr and hoder.
Adjustment to some of 100 Trials quest.
Adjustment Whirlpool time to 0100, 0900, 1700, 2100
Changes Initial map spawn for tatarus bosses
Changes Pet Ascension Absorption requirement. (More info below.)
Fixes multiple issues with Whirlpool.
Further description correction for some gear materials.
Changed cleaner look for pet interface ui design

Skill Changes

New ASC.VII for pet means that old innate skill will not be available.
However, old innate will still be stackable if obtained from previous ascension.

Ascension Changes:
Pet skills can be locked up to 12 during ascension.
Now requires 200 Starcore Matching Charm per slot instead.
1 absorption for 65~110 LV
2 absorption for 115 LV
3 absorption for 120 LV
4 absorption for 125 LV
5 absorption for 130 LV
6 absorption for 135 LV

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Have a nice day playing! Remember moderate gameplay time!