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Triple Zen and Lottery

Month of surprises.
We are celebrating 5 years of being online this month.
We're launching another triple donation for 5 days, starting now, ending 13/11/2021.

Also, as of today, until 26/11/2021, whoever donates, regardless of the amount, gets his entry for our lottery.

Prices are the following:

1st Place: 40.000.000 zen and Odin Soul Jade LV18
2nd Place: 30.000.000 zen and Odin Soul Jade LV17
3rd Place: 20.000.000 zen and Odin Soul Jade LV16
4th till 10 place: 10.000.000 zen.

Rewards will be distributed at 27/11/2021.

Expect more surprises from us in the coming days!