War of the Immortals Private Server
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Server Specials:
  • Quick and painless leveling experience.
  • Easily obtained basic gears, in order to dive deeper into the game.
  • Long awaited Legendary Weapons are finally available!
  • Exhaustions and other 'stupid limitations' are lifted or removed completely.
  • Leveling your crafting skills has never been more fun! Quicker proficiency gain and crafting time.
  • Book of Awakening can take your elemental powers to new heights, regardless of your class.
  • Customized legion size of 20, to keep activity at max and legion wars a challenge!
  • Lowered legion costs of building upgrades and functions.
  • New Divine Aspects will allow you to activate 3 different bloodlines.
  • New Olympian armor sets as seen on the chinese officials.
  • New Oracle Accessories, reforgeable and freaking gorgeous.
  • New Starwords to strengthen your gears further.
  • New Essence Cards added to the catalogue to fit everyone's playstyle.
  • New Olympian Pets (like, loads of them!)
  • New Mounts (combat mounts and normal mounts)
  • Equip the tri-set of Oracle Fashion, Backgear and Badge to boost your power significantly.
  • Improved rewards from weekly events such as Proof of Divinity, Pyramid of Hallucination and many more
  • Improved shops and markets, allowing you to get anything you ever dreamed of.
  • Silver- and Gold Roan convertion available, giving you every option in what you decide to upgrade.

Wonderland Event:
  • Creaded specially for the Pet lovers.
  • The event now provides you with a large array of items for your beloved pets.

  • Book of Awakening and Devil Fruit avalable in Alms Shop
  • Glyph Books and Soul Insiginias.

VIP Noble:
  • Become a VIP Noble and you'll get Zen, Oracle Origins, Mortal Souls and Nalby Souls.
  • Our VIP NPC, Mogera, has to offer you an array of different bosses that will suit your needs.
  • In adition, as VIP, you have acces to the VIP fashions that Mogera displays in her shop.

Zen Prices:
  • Our Zen prices are fited for every player.
  • We always try to calculate and take in consideration our player's needs.
  • Come and have a taste of the Mortal experience!